Kitchen Remodeling Excellence in Wichita, KS

The kitchen is the most-used room of your home and the epicenter of your living space—if it’s not living up to your expectations, it might be time to consider changing things up a bit! Whether it’s just putting a new face on your cabinets or it’s adding a beautiful backsplash to increase the appeal, Nelsen Construction LLC provides customers with kitchens they can be proud of.

Our focus for any kitchen remodel in Wichita, KS is on the most-used space of the room: the cabinets. This is where we bring back the brilliance of your home, enhance the appeal of the space and restore the value of your surfaces:

  • Cabinet replacement: Old cabinets that have suffered years of abuse have no place in your home. We’ll retrofit them with brand new storage spaces that add depth to the room, while also presenting the perfect marriage of style and functionality. If your cabinets have faded wood, peeling paint or blemishes that just won’t go away, we’re happy to assist you in choosing and installing new cabinets.
  • Cabinet installation: If your kitchen demands more cabinets or an increase in storage opportunities, we’re here to answer the call! We’ve got style books for you to peruse and can answer questions about any potential cabinet style you like. When you’ve made your choice, we’ll take care of the rest! We promise you’ll love your new cabinets for as long as you own your home.
  • Backsplash installation and replacement: A backsplash is a cost-effective way to dramatically enhance the appeal of your kitchen and breathe new life into its design and décor. We install tile backsplashes in a variety of styles and colors to bring luxury to your kitchen.

Nelsen Construction LLC invites you to call on our experienced kitchen remodelers if your kitchen is looking or feeling a little lackluster. We can consult with you to figure out what it’s missing, then renovate to bring your vision for this vibrant space to life.


For more information about our kitchen remodeling capabilities or to set up a consultation today, please call 316-665-1644.

We do not do any plumbing or electrical work, however we are happy to recommend local experts with whom we’ve worked with and trust.