Expert Flooring Services in Wichita, KS

The floors in your home are a major part of the atmosphere, allure and décor of your living space. It’s important to make sure no matter what type of flooring you have, it’s installed and maintained to the fullest throughout the years. And, at Nelsen Construction LLC, we know flooring better than anyone, allowing us to provide you with an unparalleled degree of service.

Whether you’re looking to lay down carpet or you need a trusted provider of hardwood floor installation in Wichita, KS, we’re the company for the job. In fact, when it comes to flooring, we specialize in a number of services, including:

  • Hardwood floor installation and repair: Hardwood floors are the pinnacle of beauty in a home and can add value, luxury and appeal to any room they’re installed in. Trust our experts to work with you to find the right type of hardwood in the right stain, then install it to a flawless level of perfection. Or, if your floors are looking lackluster, we can refinish them to excellence!
  • Pergola floors installation and repair: If your home enjoys the convenience of a pergola installation, make sure it has equally luxurious flooring. With the right flooring installation we can turn your pergola into a comfortable outdoor refuge for relaxation, entertaining or leisure.
  • Bamboo floor installation and repair: Bamboo is a beautiful flooring material that not just any construction contractor knows how to work with. At Nelsen Construction LLC, we’re familiar with this material and can lay it to an unparalleled level of excellence, giving your living space a unique appeal that’s both sustainable and beautiful.

In addition to our specialty flooring services, we also pride ourselves on delivering excellence through a number of other mediums as well, including the following:

  • Stone flooring
  • Tile flooring
  • Ceramic flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Carpeting

To get flooring that’s beautiful, resilient and installed to the highest standards of excellence, waste no time in calling Nelsen Construction LLC today for more information about our capabilities and expertise. We can be reached at 316-665-1644.