Have a Painting Company in Wichita, KS Choose the Right Paint for Your Home

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Interior paint comes in a range of colors that can suit any home, but more importantly you need to decide on the finish of the paint. Depending on what room you are choosing to paint and the ways in which you use that room, it will dictate the type of finish a painting company in Wichita, KS selects for your walls.

Glossy paints

The glossier the finish, the easier it is to clean, and in high traffic areas, this can allow you to keep walls clean without ruining the surface. In areas such as a kitchen or bathroom, a painting company in Wichita, KS will recommend that you go with a semi-gloss or a high-gloss paint. This will create a shiny surface on your walls and allow you to easily wipe them down when they appear dirty.

Semi-gloss paint is also ideal for cabinets and trim, as it has a glossy shine to it. You may also want to use a semi-gloss paint in a child’s bedroom or play area, as you can clean its surface from fingerprints or other messes that may occur. A high-gloss paint will give you even more shine and vibrancy, as it has even more luster in it. This is ideal for surfaces where you what a brilliant shine and that get a lot of use.

Kitchens also do well with a stain enamel paint, as this paint has a nice luster to it and can easily be cleaned. It is available in an array of colors and will offer good protection against the many spills and splatters that can happen in a kitchen.

Low luster paints

For areas that experience less traffic and overall use, a painting company in Wichita, KS might suggest that you go with a flat paint. This can help camouflage imperfections in the wall and is an easy paint to touch up if nicks or scratches occur. Flat paint works well in rooms that don’t get used much, as they are harder to clean without the paint coming off. Think about using flat paint in a room such as a formal living room or dining area.

If you are looking to have a painting company in Wichita, KS repaint your bedroom, try a matte paint. It has a low luster and will create a soothing environment in your bedroom. This paint also hides wall blemishes easily and can be touched up with minimal effort. Because it has some gloss in it, you can clean its surface of minor dirt without ruining the paint application. Matte paint would also work well in a family room or area of your home where there is minimal traffic, or in a home without small children.

A painting company in Wichita, KS will be able to help you select the perfect paint for your home’s walls and the needs of your family. Contact Nelsen Construction LLC to have your home painted from top to bottom. We also offer remodeling services, as well as flooring, siding and water and fire remediation. Call today to schedule a consultation!

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