Five Signs That You Need to Hire House Painters in Wichita, KS

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If your home is starting to show wear on its exterior or interior, you may be in need of house painters in Wichita, KS to get it back to its former glory. A new coat of paint can do wonders for a home’s appearance and give it the facelift it needs to be the best looking house on the block. Look for these signs in your home’s appearance that indicate you are in need of professional painting services:

• Peeling: When the paint on the interior or exterior of your home begins to peel, a new application of paint by house painters in Wichita, KS can help alleviate the problem. Over time, paint chips and peels and needs to be refreshed to give it a look that is attractive and will prevent damage from occurring to your home’s structure.

• Bare wood: This indicates that your home is badly in need of a new paint job, as the wood has become bare and is now exposed to water, the sun and wind damage. Have house painters in Wichita, KS add a new coat of paint to your home’s exterior to prevent this bare wood from rotting and inviting water damage. Paint provides a barrier of protection on wood surfaces and can protect your home from the elements.

• Chalking: As paint begins to wear, it creates a chalky residue from the breakdown of the pigment. This creates a chalky appearance on your home and indicates that you are in need of a new coat of paint from house painters in Wichita, KS. If you see chalking on your home’s surface, this is a clear indication that your paint is no longer doing the job it was designed to do and needs to be reapplied to give your house the protection it needs.

• Water stains: Old paint can develop water stains. This can create real problems for a house, as mold can grow under its surface and make for a bad situation. Have house painters in Wichita, KS inspect your home’s exterior for water and mold, as they can undertake a course of action to remove it and reapply paint to its surface to prevent additional damage.

• Fading: When the paint on your home begins to fade, you are losing out on your potential for curb appeal. With fading comes peeling paint, which can expose your home and make it ripe for damage to occur to the building materials. When you see your paint fading, you know it’s time to have new exterior paint added to refresh its appearance and prevent further deterioration.

With the help of house painters in Wichita, KS, you can make your home look like new again with a fresh coat of paint. You will be able to better prevent any potential damage from occurring to the exterior of your house and enjoy a look that you are proud to call your own. To have your home’s exterior painted, contact Nelsen Construction LLC. We provide interior and exterior home painting, as well as a range of remodeling services.

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